Bob Pierson Consulting

Dr. Bob Pierson is the Executive Director of Leadership Nexus Foundation. After serving for over 30 years as pastor of Christ UMC,  14 years as Chairman of the Large Church Initiative of the United Methodist Church and  6 years as Executive Director of CUGM, an ecumenical organization of pastors of large churches created by Robert Schuller,  Dr. Pierson created Leadership Nexus Foundation as a way to help the church be effective through creative training. Leadership Nexus Foundation is doing events to provide that kind of training — The Creativity Conference, Leadership Training,  the Emerging Church, a Preaching Academy or Workable Evangelism—all are focused on helping the Church do the best it can for the Kingdom of God. 


Combining the experience gained through his doctoral research from Oklahoma State University that focused on administration knowledge, with his skill of being a highly successful pastor, Bob brings great expertise to all the training opportunities he is offering.


Speaking and Teaching

Bob is asked to speak all around the country on his two published books, Needs-Based Evangelism and TELL, doing Workable Evangelism training and is available to come to your church or district. Though most of his speaking and teaching is focused on evangelism, his skills encompass all of the areas of being effective in local church leadership. And now he is offering a comprehensive training with his new manual, Time to Tell. This program has all the tools you need to involve your whole church in effective evangelism outreach. Contact him for more information or to schedule. 


 “I’m concerned about the church in these very secular times. Our church leaders need the very best training possible in order for our churches to function well in this postmodern culture.  This training is needed for both clergy and laity so that we can truly be effective in the job which God has called us to do through Jesus Christ. Our task is to make disciples of Jesus Christ through the transformation of the world. This goal can be accomplished by creating effective leadership who in turn will create effective  congregations to do the work of Jesus Christ.


"My personal commitment is to make this happen in every way I possibly can. Read through our website and see if we can help you!”   

  Bob Pierson


Evangelism That Really Works!

After more than 40 years in ministry and working as Executive Director of Leadership Nexus Foundation, Dr. Pierson has really learned what it takes to create an effective evangelism program. Based on his own experience he has has written three books of significance in the field of evangelism. These books are great to use for an evangelism emphasis in the local church and they are easy to read at any level of faith. Use them in any size church to make new disciples for Christ and develop them into committed followers!



Needs-Based Evangelism
($15 + $2.50 s/h) 



($15 + $2.50 s/h)


Time to Tell 

Coming in 2015





A 4-Month Workable Evangelism Planning Guide For the Local Church
($20 pdf format only)


Start preparing now for the most effective evangelism season of the year, the months surrounding Christmas. Dr. Pierson has created a 4-Month Workable Evangelism Manual to help you in reaching new followers for Christ during this busy time of year.  READ MORE